Hello English speakers of the World!

I've finally decided I was gonna make my French website available to English speakers as the stats tell me that that I've had visitors from many other countries, which in itself is a really good surprise!! Also, a bonus for my Welsh Friends (Hi there!!!) so they can follow what I'm up to here in france! So how did I discover Polymer Clay or the Art of Fimo? Well, a French friend of mine offered me a necklace last year for my birthday, a Fimo necklace that she had made herself. I loved what she'd done and asked her to teach me! So... [Lire la suite]
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Copper-red and turquoise necklace

I couldn't help but make another one of those big flower necklaces: this time it's copper-red and turquoise-blue, with its rectangular ring. It was quite difficult to work with this colour (the copper-red one), as it would stick to your fingers and become very soft, very fast, leaving you with no choice but to let the cane rest in the fridge before cutting...argghhh!
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Red and orange

This was the first flower cane I did when I started back in August last year, I never took any pictures of the resulting necklace and ring, so here it is now!
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The "tie" necklace

I've called this one the "tie" necklace, not difficult to see why!!!! Square beads on a black and white dot ribbon, cute isn't it?
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Pink and brown fimo pendant

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ... errr ... pink! Well, just something I wanted to try!
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Strawberry necklaces

Strawberry cravings? Go on, have a bite!!    
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Mum's Xmas present

This was my mum's present for Xmas, a long necklace with its ring, ear-rings and bracelet.
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My first round lenses!

My first experiment in making round fimo lenses turns out to be quite ok actually! Nice summer colours (peach, pale green and orange) to be worn with just about everything! 
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Big turquoise-blue and brown flowers

Two new big flower necklaces, turquoise-blue an brown, for a change! What do ya think?
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BIG Fimo beads!

"What else?, yes George, what else can you wear but huge fimo beads like these! The first one, black and red with a rose cane shape, its square ring and a cute bracelet!   The other one, brown (again!) and turquoise-blue ... Me like very much!
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